Thursday, February 20, 2014

MT and Y DNA Haplogroups of my ancestors

Recently, I received the results of Mitochondria HVR1 and HVR2 of some of my relatives.
This allowed me to draw a tree with Haplogroups
as follows
The results are published in the following projects
Maghreb project
Msaken project

The YDNA Haplogroups J2-L192.2,L271 seems to be common to all my Male ancestors, at least in the last 3 generations

The MT DNA Haplogroups I already know are as follows:

SampleKitnoHaplogroup possible origin
My own maternal line112552T2b3b Central European
The maternal line of my paternal Grandfather208470L3fEast african
The maternal line of my paternal Grandfather208482H Eurasian
The maternal line of the maternal grandfather of my mother208475L1c3West african / Bantu

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